Sunday, August 21, 2016

One Idea Leads To Another...


I realized that my last post was mainly focused on Etsy Wholesale, and I don't want you to think I forgot about my lovely customers that purchase through Etsy; so I wanted to incorporate both into today's post!  

About those fabulous hand chains...for these I wanted to list something different in my retail shop so I looked through my huge inventory of supplies and found that I had quite a bit of one type of antiqued gold chain, which was perfect for the new hand chains!  As well, some of the Mother of Pearl shell beads have drilled holes of different sizes (a bit frustrating...) so my matte black components did not fit, but the antiqued gold components I have are a bit thinner gauge (skinnier) and they fit perfectly!  

I still could not decide on one placement I liked better for the focal bead so I made both styles again!  Here is a photo of the styles available in my Etsy shop:
Antiqued Gold Hand Chains with Mother of Pearl shell
 And let's talk about those Y-drop necklaces shall we?

I had some crystal bar necklaces listed for quite some time on Etsy, but they were not being purchased, so I thought maybe I could convert them into something else rather than just ripping them apart (I hate to do that to a beautiful piece of jewelry) So partly going along the same lines of the black Y-drop necklace for Etsy Wholesale I decided to try something different, here is a before and after photo:
Before and After: Crystal Bar Necklace to Y-Drop Necklace
 I absolutely love how they turned out! And of course it got me to thinking...what about pearls with black chain...yes I made a few of those also but with my super fine black chain that I use for my stamped bar necklaces and in keeping with that style I used silver wire and findings for those:
Freshwater Pearl & Black Chain Y-Drop Necklaces
 There are only a few of these pearl ones in my Etsy shop and each of them has a different length of drop (some shorter, some longer) this is a style I plan to add to Etsy Wholesale as soon as I am able to get the proper wire to produce large quantities of these pretties!

Of course that did not stop me from thinking about copper....if you have been following along for a while, you might remember how I made a bazillion bangles in copper with Freshwater pearls for intentions of Wholesale a while ago; well they are on my linesheet and ready to be shipped to a fabulous boutique...but again I felt like they had no "mate" so I thought since I have everything I need to make copper and pearl Y-drop necklaces I shouldn't wait on those, here are a few photos of them:
Freshwater Pearl & Copper Y-Drop Necklaces
These are pretty much opposite of the crystal Y-drop necklaces; I pre-made them for listing photos at 16" with a shorter drop, but of course I will still offer the 18" and 20" lengths all with 2" extender chains as I know people like options :)  
Freshwater Pearl & Copper Bangles

The bangles come in sets of 3 in a variety of pearl colors; I decided to only offer a few colors for these necklaces as I feel that all pearls compliment each other and no matter which colors retailers choose to carry in their boutique, the bangles will always compliment the necklaces!

Funny thing about me...I don't really like to create "jewelry sets" (earrings, necklace, bracelet) but my mind wonders if some ladies prefer bangles to go with their necklace, but other ladies might prefer earrings to go with their bangles...ah yes...the ideas are always coming...possibly a copper & pearl earring style is in my make it unique I of course will have to think about that one for a while...

So what about earrings for the black chain collection you ask? components are not easy to come by...I did find some by chance browsing my new Rio Grande supply catalog, but of course they are on closeout.  This means they will no longer be carrying this product.  Which obviously does not work for my Etsy Wholesale intentions...I may have to contact them in a few months to see what is possible for ordering those in bulk before they are gone, or if special orders are possible...the ideas I had when I saw these components were just overflowing, but I have a budget as everyone else does so I need to just wait and be patient...but it's SO DIFFICULT!!!

So I will write down my ideas for now (so I don't forget) and we'll just have to wait and see what post I still have a few new items I want to tell you about and I hope you'll come back to visit!

Until then you can find me on Instagram nearly every evening (I do take Sundays off) and I am trying to be more consistent about posting on Facebook as well, I have started posting at the same time as I do my Instagram photos in the evening (helps me to remember to do both at the same time) so pop over to LITVA'S Jewelry on either channel and say hello!


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