Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Very Busy Summer...


Wow! The summer has literally flown by!  I have been keeping myself busy trying to work on my Etsy Wholesale by doing quite a few new things...

After some advice from a very successful lady on Instagram I made postcards to mail out to boutiques across the U.S. though they were a little complicated... but now that I have figured it out I'm sure it will be easier the next time I do it!

Here is a photo of them:
Etsy Wholesale Postcards
By her suggestion to send them out to 100 boutiques...yes 100... there were many weeks of research that went into finding boutiques that I thought would be a place I would like to see my jewelry in, that it would fit with their price points and still be different from what they are currently carrying.

I sent them out in batches as I planned to do an email one week later and a follow up email a week after that, 100 postcards are no problem but 100 emails is another thing altogether!!! 

 So I had a few rejections, some that said they would keep my info on file for future ordering options, mostly radio silence from the majority and a few that seemed very interested and tell me they are planning to place orders!

No orders yet but I am hopeful that they will start coming in as fall weather arrives!  

As I was putting together these postcards and thinking about the products I offer on my linesheet, I of course had some new ideas...

I thought about hand chains...I'm not sure why I thought about hand chains...I just did...and I thought I could use some more pieces that incorporated black chain because I LOVE black chain...(all I had were my stamped bar necklaces on my linesheet) and well, I have lots of Mother of Pearl shell in different shapes and I thought I would try them together...

I made two different styles; one with the shell sitting high at the wrist and one with the shell sitting at mid-hand...loved the final result! Here is a photo of both:
Hand Chains with Mother of Pearl shell and Black Chain
 And might I add that photographing your own hand in a photo light tent is the most difficult thing on the planet...

Well of course then I thought what about a different style of necklace to "compliment" these hand chains specifically by color?  The Y drop necklace has always been something I wanted to try so I thought why not now? Here they are!
Black Chain Y Drop & Crystal Necklace

 I am wearing the necklace at the shortest length of 16" but am also offering 18" and 20" with a 2" extender chain...because we all have different length preferences ;)
This style has the same matching rollo chain as the hand chains with Czech Preciosa crystals on a short drop.

Of course...the ideas just seem to keep coming...and I thought...hmmm....these seem to be a "collection" all of a sudden...what about my fabulous petal hoop earrings?  They don't really have a "mate" do they? 

So why not some hand chains and Y drop necklaces in the matching crystal colors? Yes. Definitely yes.

Copper and Garnet Czech crystal collection
 For this Y drop I am wearing the longest 20" length but all three lengths will be available.  I decided to do a longer drop with three petite wire wrapped crystals at the center on this one...I didn't realize it until just now, but the petite crystals on the Y drop necklace match the crystals on the petal hoops and the crystal drop at the end matches the crystal drop on the hand, I had it more together than I knew!  The chain for these is very petite (1.7mm) delicate but very strong as it is soldered not open links, so much more durable as I know not everyone is gentle with their jewelry...

Now yes, there are Y drop necklaces and hand chains out there... so of course I wanted mine to be unique, which is why I went with black chain paired with Mother of Pearl shell and Czech crystals---no where have I really seen black chain...I'm not sure's modern, unique and it goes with everything... For the copper collection I accented the copper hand chain with textured antiqued coin dangles, decided to do wire wrapped Czech crystals on the necklace and the petal hoops are unique just on their own!

There are a few more new items I have added but I will wait for my next post to tell you about those...

As I'm sure you are figuring out...I don't like to do what everyone else is doing...I'm not big on hopping on that "gold train" that's going around as I don't particularly like gold very much....

I will always be a silver kind of girl...darker metals like black, gunmetal and vintage bronze catch my eye, I love copper for its natural warmth and that it is something that our body needs and uses, so wearing it is actually good for you!

I like being different. I like being unique. I feel that my jewelry reflects that and that makes my heart and my soul happy. I'm looking forward to finding boutique owners that are looking for something different and unique, and I'm really excited :)

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