Sunday, September 11, 2016

My First Love...


I remember loving beading as soon as I started but my first love was Peyote Stitch...

I've written about Peyote Stitch in the past here and now I suppose I'm writing again because I've taken a leap of faith...

I have evolved and grown quite a bit with my peyote stitch designs and am so happy with where I am now, but it has been a while since I have made any cuffs...

My leap of faith so to speak is that I recently removed them from my Etsy retail shop and decided to offer them on Etsy Wholesale for boutiques to carry...

I do get a lot of views on them on Etsy but have only sold a few on the past two years, and since I can't wait until I can make more, I decided to try switching tactics...They are just so beautiful and luxurious that I think perhaps they need to be seen in person for the customer to truly fall in love with them...maybe my photos are not doing them justice, though I did go back through and brighten all my wholesale listing is an example
Luxury Peyote Stitch Cuffs Brightened Photos
Luxury Peyote Stitch Cuffs Brightened Photos

 I know...I mean how did I think the top was ok??? and that WAS brightened from the original photo I took....

It is definitely THE most challenging part of my entire jewelry business, but I'm driven and want to keep improving to the best of my ability!

Another reason I removed them from my retail was that the hard reality hit me as I was determining the wholesale price for was selling them retail for the wholesale price!!! I couldn't believe it! How did I miscalculate so drastically?  Well I think back when I did calculate I was trying to base my price off of only a few other ladies that did this style of cuff bracelet, not taking into account the many hours of stitching involved, plus I recalculated and am much happier with the retail price now and feel comfortable selling them at the proper discount for wholesale.

These will be One Of A Kind and ready to ship immediately as they are already finished and just waiting to find their new homes...

I think since these cuffs are so unique they will appeal to some buyers that are on the lookout for something they have not seen before, or had the opportunity to get into their the moment I am the only one on Etsy Wholesale who makes these cuffs.  

There are a few ladies who are doing some loom worked cuffs, but those are completely different.  I learned how to do loom work before peyote stitch and it was very fast, easy and I liked how they turned out...but if you've been reading along for some time you know that I love to create things that are different...

As soon as I saw a photo of the peyote stitch in my beading book (over 20 years ago) I just knew that was the next step I wanted to take!

My designing skills have come a long way--to the very elaborate movement designs shown above--I do enjoy stitching simple designs as well, and know that there are ladies out there who will love both!

I also decided to offer my Beaded Crochet Rope Necklaces on Etsy Wholesale as One Of A Kind and ready to ship pieces.  I was very hesitant to put my peyote cuffs and beaded crochet ropes up for wholesale as they take many hours to create...I do not want to have a boutique waiting weeks upon weeks to receive their pieces, especially if I had multiple orders going on at I decided that they would be best suited as ready to ship pieces. Here are my improved photos of those
Luxury Beaded Crochet Rope Necklace Brightened Photo
Luxury Beaded Crochet Rope Necklace Brightened Photo

In the future I would like to offer a few of my favorite peyote cuffs as made to order pieces that buyers can select the size they want, but that will be once I am able to gather the supplies needed to accommodate large orders of them.

Another wonderful characteristic of these two beautiful lines is that they are hypoallergenic.  Meaning that I only use glass beads and thread to create them; no metal at all, which solves the problem for those with sensitivities!  I firmly believe that everyone should have a piece of jewelry that makes them feel beautiful and expresses their individuality!

Now these two lines will not be for every boutique due to their higher price point but I think that the right boutique will know that these will fit their clientele and be excited to have something so unique, timeless and luxurious to offer them!

Looking forward to this week as I will be reaching out to some new boutiques to submit my work for their consideration, as well as following up with the last round of boutiques I pitched my work to this summer...hoping to catch the eyes of some buyers with photos of my new pieces as well as my first love... :)


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