Sunday, June 1, 2014

My First Deal On Brickyard Buffalo...I'm SO EXCITED!!!


Well somehow my schedule has been a little off...time is just flying by it seems... but today I'm really excited to share some news with you....

Through one of the girls I follow on Instagram I found out about Brickyard Buffalo, an online pop-up sale site where you can buy all kinds of things at a special discount for a limited number of days.  So I got to thinking if this might be something I could problem is that I typically only make one of a kind pieces, which wouldn't work for this type of site...

So I thought about it some more and realized I could do Hammered Bangle Bracelets as a deal!  Sure I may use the same focal bead...but technically I could never possibly repeat the hammered pattern identically, so they still are one of a kind in their own way :)

I emailed them with a picture of the two color sets I was thinking of offering, and asked their opinions about everything; do both gold and silver sell? Are my bangles a good fit for their site? How much inventory is enough? They were so helpful and really seemed excited about my bangles, which of course made me really excited!

 I decided to have all my inventory ready made, so that I could ship out immediately as the orders came in, also less stressful for me since you are required to ship within 7-10 days. I put together a little collage of all the steps that went into the making of these little pretties;
Hammered Bangle Bracelets Process
  From cutting the wire, to hammering, shaping around my trustee mandrel (a votive candle holder), to wire wrapping the focal beads and attaching them, and finally a shot of all 246 finished bangles...yes I did say 246. They will be sold in sets of 3, so that's 82 sets I have available...

They also mentioned that pictures were REALLY important, and to have some "lifestyle" shots too...oh great...I hate being in pictures...but here are a few of the shots I submitted to them;
Brickyard Buffalo Photos
 So... TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!! My deal goes LIVE tomorrow morning and will run until Wednesday...if they don't sell out before then....what? A girl can dream can't she?  The BYB ladies also said I can add inventory as the deal goes on if that's something I would like to course I would!!!

If you have had your eye on my bangles you definitely need to go check them out tomorrow, you will get them for a steal! The website is while you're there you could pick up a set for a gift too...or just get a whole bunch for yourself! 

I'm so excited I can barely wait for tomorrow to get here! Wish me luck! (and you could spread the word too) I'll let you know how it goes in my next post....eeeeeee.....SO EXCITED!!!

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