Monday, May 12, 2014

My Thoughts On A Local Craft Festival & An Auction I Donated To...


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I just realized that I missed a posting day...completely slipped my mind!

You could say that I've had a quite a bit going on...well quite a bit going on in my mind for sure!

A few weeks ago I attended a large local craft festival, basically scoping it out hoping to be a part of it next year... So I haven't attended this particular festival in about 6 years and was curious as to what kind of jewelry was there...I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

I felt like all the jewelry looked the same...I understand certain artists only work in one medium, let's say wire wrapped pendants, but each one almost exactly the same??? Don't get me wrong I completely appreciate how much time, knowledge and skill goes into these beautiful pieces, but I guess I expected more variety. 

Also from booth to booth there wasn't a large difference in style of jewelry, lots of fine metals only I noticed (meaning sterling silver and 12/14kt gold) except for the last booth I came across... very cool metalsmithing work mainly done in copper.  I actually purchased a pendant from this artist because it was something I had never seen before and I loved it!

So when I got home, I had a lot going through my mind about my pieces and what I would be able to submit for review by the jury when I apply next year....beadwork.

I didn't see any beadwork at I'm thinking my beaded crochet rope necklaces and bangle bracelets, my peyote stitch cuff bracelets, and also my hammered bangle bracelets; but only in copper.  The silver and gold ones I make are plated metal over copper and from what I saw there that wouldn't be accepted into this show.  As for other pieces of mine I have to think about it a bit more, since I don't work in fine metals yet, that limits what I can take to this show...but I have a while to simmer on that!

Another thing I would like to share with you is a bit of a sad story...a couple tragically lost their 3 year old son  two weeks ago and her best friend shared their story on her blog and Instagram.  I of course don't know this family but was brought to tears looking at all the photos of them.  Well as some of you might know, the power of the internet can be amazing...there were a few different options on donating to the family to help with funeral costs and whatever else they might need...honestly I am not at a place where I could donate much... then I came across a lady that was putting together an auction on Instagram (@redballoonsforryan) to help raise funds and needed donations....donations you say??? 

Well! I just so happen to have a TON of inventory that I could chose some pieces to donate from!!!  The response was overwhelming! They actually had to put a stop to donations as they already had over 600 items! 

I donated some pieces with various retail values so that more people could have a chance to bid and help out as they were able. Here are the pieces that I donated;
Red Balloons For Ryan Auction Donations by Litva's Jewelry
I also donated a peyote stitch cuff bracelet but it didn't receive any bids...regardless my pieces raised $445.00 and I feel really good about that!

They are having another auction this Friday, so if you are on Instagram go check out @redballoonsforryan for all the info and bid for a wonderful cause!

Until next time...I'll probably be working on some hammered bangle bracelets... :)


  1. Aw you are so sweet, love that you donated to help. Also, I have also noticed to many jewelry artists who do the same thing as each other... There is no much variety anymore... People see someone successful doing/making something... And they follow or "copy". I noticed that a LOT when I had a shop on etsy. But I LOVE how beautiful and unique your shop is and all the variety - not only in style, but prices... So you have something to offer to everyone!

    1. Thank you Maria! I appreciate your lovely compliments & your support! :)