Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Stamping Continues...


After a week of sitting on the couch with a bad head cold & pinched shoulder I am definitely ready to get back to work and back to creating jewelry!

As if they were taunting ring blanks arrived this week....I did some research, as all my new projects seem to start that way...and found that many people are using 1100 Aluminum for rings; they are food safe (not sure how that applies) and safe for your skin resulting in less allergic reaction than sterling silver.  Of course they have a nice price point as well allowing me to keep the cost down which I like and I'm sure customers appreciate.

I am ALL about handmade, so I found a wonderful shop on Etsy that makes these ring blanks, they are cut to size, and tumbled for shine and are ready for creating!  Since I do not have all this extra equipment this is ideal for me.

I ordered two different styles; a wrap-around and wide cuff style.  I ordered every size she had so that I can offer a variety for everyone. I'm still getting used to the wrap-around but made the three sizes today, resulting in a size 7, 9 and 11.  For the wide cuff style I  made all four lengths I ordered resulting in sizes 5, 7, 9.5 and 11.5.

Now I'm just getting started so I have to get used to how to size them on my steel mandrel, but I'm thinking I will be able to offer sizes 5 through 13.  

Of course I had to hammer them for texture....yes....I may have a texture problem...but I just felt that it looked right! Then I stamped my words and blackened them...only to find I was lightening it as I was shaping it since it wasn't dry yet, so I darkened it again and I have to say they turned out beautifully! 

Here are my first few finished rings;
Hand Stamped & Hammered Wrap-Around Ring "Live Free" Size 7

Example Of How The Wrap-Around Ring Looks When Worn

Hand Stamped & Hammered Wrap-Around Ring "Gypsy Soul" Size 9

Hand Stamped & Hammered Wrap-Around Ring "Just Breathe" Size 11

Hand Stamped & Hammered Wide Cuff Ring "Balance" Size 5

Hand Stamped & Hammered Wide Cuff Ring "Achieve" Size 7

Example Of How The Wide Cuff Ring Looks When Worn

Hand Stamped & Hammered Wide Cuff Ring "Abundantly Blessed" Size 9.5
Hand Stamped & Hammered Wide Cuff Ring "Thankful" Size 11.5
 So what do you think? I really love how they turned out and also that if someone is wanting more words I can definitely do that on the wider cuff rings, maybe also add a few designs stamps to the wrap-around style for a bit of flair...oh the ideas are just coming in waves!

I had made a couple of key-chains as well but I of course forgot to take pictures of them with my camera... why yes....I will be making more key-chains...I will remember to take pictures of those! 

You can check out my Instagram and Facebook to see more pretties, and also any custom orders will be posted there too :)

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