Sunday, January 5, 2014

Addicted to Stamping...


Happy New Year!  The past few weeks have been so much fun!  I really enjoyed making some stamped necklaces and I would like to share them with you!

Lots of pictures today...I'm so proud of them!
These necklaces are 36" long... it seemed everyone was making them short, so I thought it would be cool to have them longer :)  
Courage & Love Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace

Shine & Faith Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace
Artist & Joy Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace
Inspire & Love Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace

Brave & Love Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace

Dream & Joy Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace
Fashionista & Chic Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace
Strength & Grow Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace

Faith & Love Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace

Fall To Rise & Hope Stamped Mixed Metals Necklace

As I was browsing on the Vintaj website I saw some blanks in Arte Metal (gunmetal/black) and thought "those are cool, obviously not for stamping because you wouldn't be able to see the letters" but then again as long as I can remember I have always loved gunmetal color for jewelry.

I think it hit me a few days later...well if I'm stamping on light metal with black about the reverse??? Dark metal with light some metallic sharpie markers and it was love at first sight....
Follow Your Heart & Shine Gold/Gunmetal Stamped Necklace
Do What You Love & Dream Silver/Gunmetal Stamped Necklace
Always Inspire & Joy Copper/Gunmetal Stamped Necklace
 I honestly love all the stamped necklaces I have made, but I think the ones with the gunmetal are my favorites!  I decided to keep these all the same metal color rather than mixing to give them a different look, I absolutely love the result!

Then I came up with the idea for a simple bracelet...I was inspired by something I saw on Beaducation but of course had to give it my own style...

They are triple wrap, metallic leather with a single stamped charm and a Czech crystal with an easy hook clasp, I really love them!
Shine Gold/Gunmetal Stamped Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet
 It felt a little too empty to me with the word alone, so I added a few swooshes in the corner :)
Achieve Silver Stamped Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet
I liked this one plain, but really wanted to try a new design stamp I got, and I'm so glad I did! 
Dream Copper Stamped Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet
And again I had another design stamp that I wanted to try...they just seem to come together on their own! 

I loved them so much I had to make one for myself!
My Stamped Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet
Mine says Thankful, Live Your Dreams and Create. I also wanted to see how it would look with more charms and mixed metals... I have worn it every day since I made it!  Now, it was a bit of a challenge...I figured out that they cannot be too loose at all or the charm pulls down getting in the way... so it is a tighter fitting bracelet, but because it's so light I barely notice I have it on....except for all the compliments I'm getting :)
As these are more of a custom type of piece I haven't listed them in my ArtFire shop as of yet... it does not give me the option to allow customers to choose options needed like color of chain, color of Czech crystal and words to be stamped.  

So that's a conundrum I will have to ponder for a while.  For now I will be showing them off here, on Facebook and Instagram, taking orders through email, payment will still go through PayPal.  If you are interested in a piece I have posted on one of these venues, or would like a custom piece put together, please email me at  and we will discuss all the beautiful details! 

Until next time...I'll be stamping...but trying not to use up all of my blanks so that I can create custom pieces...  :)

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