Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Newest Creations


I have definitely been busy these past few weeks with a variety of things but I'm most excited about my newest little creations...Rhinestone Wrap Bracelets!

A fellow hairstylist gave me some Rhinestone cup-chain a few years ago, I thankfully accepted (um...FREE beads... woohoo!) even though I had absolutely no idea what in the world I would do with them.  

So, years later, I was working on a triple leather wrap bracelet for my sister, when the idea came to me to try it with the Rhinestone cup-chain...but how would I get those delicate little guys to stay in place?

I remember there being a section in one of my beading magazines on different ways to incorporate cup-chain into your beading...after searching for a while I found it but it was mainly beading around the Rhinestones, there was one picture of the cup-chain wrapped on really thick leather, it looked cool but a bit too bulky for my liking.

So as I sat there staring at this bag of little sparkly delights and my leather cord, I was trying to think of how to attach them together.  For my triple leather wrap bracelets I use silk thread, but cup-chain has little prongs and I didn't think thread would be a good choice since it might fray as I wrapped it.  I wanted a cleaner look....there it was...the idea to use wire to wrap the two together!  

Now, do I use colored wire? Silver? Gold? What kind of buttons?  I started with the buttons, antiqued gold buttons were the first choice, and I jut happened to have Vintaj antiqued brass wire that matched perfectly! 

Then I ran out of those buttons.  So I went to bright silver buttons and decided that they would compliment the colored wire versions I had dancing around in my mind.  I made 18 in total and of course not only ran out of silver buttons, but all my black leather too!

Here's how they turned out
Rhinestone Wrap Bracelets  

I took them with me to my salon to get some input from one of my clients, Mary, she loved them & wanted to buy one!  My next client had arrived and she loved them too, she also bought one, so did the client after her!  I was so excited that they were going over so well that I forgot to take pictures of them! 

A friend of mine wanted one as well this is hers
Sara's Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet
 Of course I had a special idea in mind for Holly who gave me the Rhinestone cup-chain, this is hers and one for her daughter below
Holly's Bracelet

I have to admit I wasn't sure about them at first, even though Woody said they were awesome, but I grew to like them more and more as the night passed and then I was so happy with the response from my clients that I can't wait to get more leather and buttons to start making some more!

I'm hoping to get these properly photographed (I have to retake them since they were all too blurry) and listed into my studio soon, so keep an eye out for them!  I would love to hear what you think about them, never thought I was a fan of bling... I think I was in denial...  :)

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