Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gemstone Necklace Winners & Success!


First order of business for the day...Ellen and ashleyelizabeth19! Please contact me with your email addresses so that we can get to work on figuring out your Wire Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces! 

Second... I am trying to move a bit of my inventory to make room for some beautiful new pieces I have to list, so in case you missed it on Facebook, today is the last day... use code "CELEBRATE" at checkout for 25% OFF all items in my studio! (there are currently over 300 unique pieces listed)

Next... little update... the bracelets I sent to my parents and sister were a huge success!  Now that my mom has seen the bracelet she's decided that she might like a necklace too...I'll be starting on that soon...

 My sister wants another wrap bracelet and of course a beaded crochet rope of her own, we had talked about it but it had to be put on hold when I wasn't feeling well.  I think that was a good thing because I was struggling with her choice of colors (bright brushed silver & gunmetal, maybe white too) and how to combine them without it looking too busy...until recently when I was praying before bed the idea suddenly came to me!  The next day I put together 3 different types of white (matte, pearl & luster) the gunmetal, scrapped the bright brushed silver and added in silver-lined crystal for a touch of sparkle....stunning!
The beginning of the 75" Beaded Crochet Necklace for my sister
A bit of a close up of my sister's necklace
I have to get better a photography... the sparkle is hard to capture without being a glare... this pic just doesn't do it justice, but I will post a better pic of the entire piece when it is finished.
I like this white combo so much I even mixed up a bit extra for a rope all on its own, maybe I will mix up some more for another rope with a different color other than gunmetal for the many possibilities...

I have to say I love every part of making jewelry, from picking out the colors, to seeing it in my mind, plotting the pattern, creating it and then seeing the final result!

I am also slowly working on another care package for another family member, which has been on hold for quite a while!  Thank goodness Kassandra is patient!  So far I have about 3 pairs of feather earrings, a gemstone necklace, trying to figure out a wrap bracelet for her and not sure what else I will be adding in there...I'm sure it will come to me!

I definitely have enough projects to keep me busy for now!

I look forward to hearing from my two lovely readers Ellen an ashleyelizabeth19, can't wait to get started on their custom pieces!

Now go do a little shopping!!! ArtFire Studio