Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Truth About "Jade"


Well, if you have seen my Facebook page these past weeks or if you follow me on Instagram, you've noticed that I have been working on some 18" silk knotted gemstone chip necklaces... and if you know!

Citrine, Amethyst & Red Aventurine Knotted on Silk

Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli & "Golden Jade" Knotted on Silk
What got me started on this latest obsession is that a few of the ones I had listed in my ArtFire studio sold during my Memorial Day/Spring Cleaning Event, I felt odd about having only one of this type of necklace available, and since I have an abundance of gemstone chips I decided to make a few more.

If you're catching on to my personality, you know that I can't possibly stop at just one, too many ideas start flowing and I just have to keep going!

So you may have noticed that I labeled the stones in the last picture as "Golden Jade" which is what I bought them as.

I have to mention here that I am a bit of a perfectionist and as you can see by my jewelry I pay close attention to details.  I have seen other jewelry artists incorrectly label their gemstones and it drives me a little mad!

I know that it's not the stone they say it is...but does the customer?  Most likely not.  I am bothered by this.  

I have a great memory for some things and other things I can't remember for the life of me!

This brings me to the "Golden Jade".  I only buy natural stones, nothing dyed, I made that mistake only once, and I am careful to read the fine print underneath the name of the stone I am purchasing to ensure that.  When I receive my order I organize and label everything right away.

My mind must have remembered that there was something different because as soon as I started to type Golden Jade, I had second thoughts.

I buy my gemstones mainly from Fire Mountain Gems and have their huge catalog, but have also purchased some from Lima Beads which I do not have a catalog from.

My "Jade" beads organizer box
"Olive Jade", "Golden Jade" & "New Jade" gemstone chips
  I remembered there was something different about the Jade I had purchased but had to go look it up.  Sure enough, it's not really Jade. 

There in the fine print it says "Golden Jade" is actually Golden Quartz!  On to the green shades, "Olive Jade", "New Jade" and "New Seafoam Green Jade" are all different shades of greens, and here is the fine print...these are all trade names for Serpentine!  A completely different stone!

 Now in my "Jade" box around the middle area are quite a few that are more yellow and are mottled with white, these are all from Lima Beads, they do not have any fine print but were labeled as "Natural Lemon Jade".  I will have to contact someone on their staff to get to the bottom of what that stone really is composed of.  

The "Peace Jade" which are the darker mottled stones are actually made up of Serpentine (green), Stichtite (pink/purple) and White Quartz.

I want my customers to know exactly what they are purchasing and funny that I noticed I haven't made anything with those Lemon Jade beads must be because I was unsure about them when I received them many years ago.

So there it is, the truth about "Jade".  I think I will continue to label them as I purchased them but in brackets have the actual stone because I don't believe this is common knowledge. For example "Olive Jade" (Serpentine) Gemstone Necklace. When people look for Jade jewelry they have a certain idea in their mind I think, but again I don't want to mislead anyone and I'm a stickler for details!


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