Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hoping For Success...


As I sent off a little care package to my parent's place this week I thought it might be an interesting thing to write about, especially seeing as my mom doesn't wear jewelry....

Father's Day is coming up and my mom's birthday is always within a few days of it so I thought I would send stuff all together this year.

Originally I was looking for something for my dad (who has everything) I thought maybe a nice fleece sweater monogrammed with "Croatia" or "Hrvatska" (which translates to Croatia) on it, then thought maybe my mom might like something like that too.  Found a great site called My Locker where I customized them to say Hrvatska with their name underneath.  They turned out so well that I ordered one for my sister too (I figured it could be an early birthday present for her)  Of course I forgot to take a pic of them before I sent them off....

Well, a while ago I thought of trying to make my mom something that she might actually wear... I think it's a little ironic that I make all this jewelry, my mom could have anything she could possibly think of, custom made for her...and she doesn't wear jewelry.  She won't wear jewelry.

Trust me, I've tried over the years to make her pieces, had my sister show her examples of what I have made for her to see if she might like something like it for herself, but nope! The only thing I have made for her is a rosary, which I also made one for my dad and my sister in colors of their choice.

 Don't get me wrong, she encourages me and supports my jewelry, telling me how beautiful the pieces are that I make...she just doesn't want to wear it, funny isn't it?
Even my dad wears something I made him, a few years ago when we last visited Canada I made him a stretch bracelet of 5mm round Clear Quartz and he wears it all the time!  I had also made him a black leather braided bracelet which he really liked, but had recently lost at the airport he thinks.

So, I tell my mom things I'm working on and remembered that when I was bead crocheting like a maniac she suggested an all white one would be I was thinking perfect!  I'll make her a beaded crochet rope necklace and bracelet to match!  I finally found something that she would wear!

Here's the tricky part, since she doesn't wear jewelry I had to ask what length she would be willing to wear, without telling her exactly what I was making....nope, she doesn't want anything...when I asked the size of her wrist, why can't I just make a stretch bracelet like my dads so that she can just take it on and off easy....she's just not getting the element of surprise here!

I decided that I was going to make it for her anyways and she could wear them to church.  They would match everything and they were simple so I thought it would be perfect!

Unfortunately I still am not back to feeling 100%, and ran out of time, but I did manage to make the bracelet for her
My mom's beaded crochet bracelet
 Hoping it will fit her and she might actually wear it to church!

For my dad I made a brown leather braided bracelet since I didn't have any black leather in stock
My dad's leather bracelet
 For my sister, she mentioned that she really liked the leather wrap bracelets, and she's on a white kick right now so this is what I have for her
My sister Kat's triple wrap leather bracelet with Howlite gemstones
 Hopefully the bracelet will get a good reaction...we'll see if I have finally found success next week!  I'll keep you posted!


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