Sunday, October 14, 2012


Inspiration......Where does it come from?  I get asked this question quite a bit. So I thought I would share some of my sources with you.

My mind is constantly filled with a flurry of ideas of things I want to make!

I feel like there are so many different styles of jewelry, all unique in their own way, just as my customers are unique and have a variety of different personal styles and tastes.  Also my jewelry preferences are not limited to one specific style, why would I expect anyone else to be different?

Inspiration for me comes from many sources; beading magazines, beading books, fashion magazines, TV, clients, people I see in public and most of all the beads and materials themselves!

For example, this style of leather wrap bracelets were featured in a beading magazine I subscribe to about three years ago.  I was consumed with one of my other ideas at the time...which lead to more ideas.... and I completely forgot about them!

It wasn't until a client of mine Christina, asked if I would be able to make her this type of bracelet she had seen in a magazine but couldn't find locally.  I said "Sure I have some leather, silk thread and beautiful Czech glass beads, I'll whip one up for you!"  This is her bracelet.
After I finished, I was envisioning what different color combinations would look like... and I needed more leather!!! So I ordered some metallic tones and had so much fun creating them!

 For me inspiration just seems endless! One idea leads to another, whether it is the same design in a different color scheme or a completely different direction by replacing one element of the design. The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to create something ASAP!

Would you wear these bohemian styled bracelets? Which leather tone is your favorite: silver, gold or bronze?

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