Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Welcome! This weekend I accomplished a huge goal of mine....Litva's Jewelry Online Store is OPEN and ready for business!  This is SO very exciting for me!  

I have been working on this for just about a month now and let me tell you I had no idea what I was getting myself into!  I am not the most tech savvy person, but I do pick things up quickly and have learned so much! 

The process started with taking pictures, simple enough you say? Ah yes, but what about the backdrop for my jewelry? Infinite possibilities were swirling around in my mind... I love the contrast of a black background with the colors popping out, but felt maybe a classic white backdrop was a better choice.  I wanted fabric, a bit of texture, so I found a white sheet and I was so pleased with the result, what do you think?
This is a wire knitted freshwater pearl cuff bracelet, I needed to show how it would look on the wrist, both top and the clasp, so I scrunched up the sheet and pulled it through! Now this may seem like a small thing but I was so impressed with how well it worked! The cuff showed perfectly, the colors are strong, I love the texture of the sheet, it adds a bit of style and movement to the whole picture, not bad for an amateur! 

These beaded peyote rings were a bit trickier! A little bit challenging on the close detail without being too blurry, but I think it's not bad for my first round of photography! The first picture I simply put a white piece of paper down, the second to show how it will look on your finger is on a tube made from another rolled up piece of paper! I held it in front of a silver velour pillow with one hand and took the pic with the other, a bit blurry but it was the best one out of many!
Three different styles of feather earrings....and only one fit on an actual earring display! So with the shorter 3" ones taken care of, I needed more height for the 5" chain style and the 5"-8" wire wrapped longer styles. I love feathers, but the natural curve to them was a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to photograph.  I used a candle holder which looked a bit like a vase when inverted, and found it to be the truest representation of how the earrings would drape from the natural ear.
 And of course the necklaces! This is one of my bohemian inspired looks - Silk Crocheted Wear-Alls.  I call them Wear-Alls because they can be worn as a multi layer necklace, wrapped around the wrist many times as a bracelet or also as an anklet!  This is my most versatile line of pieces I have made and I love them!  I can't lie, these were maybe the easiest to photograph, but I was grateful later on that I had something that was easy......

So I had uploaded all my photos, all of them needed to be re-sized and cropped  to 450x450, which once I finally figured out how to do with PicMonkey (thank you Danavee) went smoothly.  Until I tried to upload them to my store and some had saved as a jpeg file (which is what I needed) while others saved as a PNG file....I don't even know what that is!  But it was not accepted by the store.... so I had to go through ALL the photos and check them, then re-save them as jpeg files.....

Once I had conquered all of that, I became a bit overwhelmed as I started adding products to my store.  I had no idea how much info was required for each item! Aside from name, description and price there were so many other variables I had not considered since I had never sold online before!  Such as a code for each item, categories, whether tax was applicable to each sale, type of shipping cost and weight  (which I measured in ounces with a food scale that my sister sent to me, but then found that the store required pounds my mother-in-law helped me to find an online calculator for that, what a life saver!)

It seemed like everything was very complicated....but once I had a bit of understanding of the whole process required I felt it went much smoother.  

Now, after all my trial and error, after all those "growing pains" and after weeks of clicking away...Mission Accomplished!  I have a beautiful store for my jewelry! 

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding my new store - to get there click on the Facebook button in the right margin and it will take you to my page.  There you will find a "Shop Now" button (next to the photos and likes)  simply click and you're there!  

Browse through specific categories or just scroll down, if you see something you like be sure to click on the smiley face button next to it!

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