Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bead Therapy Part 2

Well... I am a bit disheartened as I begin this post as I just accidentally deleted my previous post Bead Therapy Part 1.  I tried everything that i know to do but cannot get it back.  

For those of you who did not get a chance to read it, it was all about my beaded crochet rope necklaces and how beading for me relieves stress. 

Perhaps another day I will sit down and try to remember all that was in that post and rewrite it, but for today I will just continue on :)

As I love to sit and bead these ropes, I wanted to expand the options for clients, for those who might like patterns.  I ordered a book specifically for this purpose, but was not really drawn in by many of the patterns.  They just didn't speak to me.  Except for a few...
Of course I seem to always start with the most difficult one I can manage to find!  On the right side of the photo I show a bit of the progression of steps to achieve this patterned look.  Many, many hours of counting beads as I refer to the guide line by line to string them onto the thread.  But in the end the result was absolutely beautiful!  
 This was the next pattern I attempted which resulted in solid diamonds, one side of the rope has black diamonds and the other side turquoise diamonds. I forgot to take pictures of the process, but here are a few different views of it finished.
This pattern creates a gradual spiraling around the rope of solid diamonds.  This rope is still in the works :)

 I can't lie, I have made some mistakes along the way in the middle of these ropes and if there are any mistakes during the stringing process they will show up as I am crocheting.  This means I stop, unravel very carefully and end the thread, fix the mistake in the stringing pattern then add new thread and continue on.  Quite possibly the most difficult part of these ropes!

So needless to say, they take a great deal of concentration and awareness to make sure there are no mistakes...and if there are to catch them quickly before I find myself unraveling hours of work! 

I believe these are the three patterns I will stick with, and most likely they will be custom orders in colors clients will specify for me.  I love to make them, but of course I want the clients to love them too!

And finally I would like to share with you another version of these ropes... just much smaller.  After a few clients of mine inquired I gave in and decided to try them as bracelets!
I decided that the bracelets would be done in a random pattern, I am so happy with them I can't stop making them!  These are most of the ones I have finished at the moment and are available along with the rope necklaces in my store either on my Facebook page or at also :)

Let me know what you think of these patterns and bracelets, I appreciate your feedback :)


  1. I love the turquoise and black necklace! So much fun!