Sunday, September 16, 2012

Then and Now

As I hinted in my first post, I would like to share with you my progression of how my peyote stitch has advanced to the next level!

This is a photo of a choker I made for myself, if I think back, it has to be at least 15 years ago....
 I remember it took me somewhere in the vicinity of 20 hours to stitch!  It used to be much shinier and more metallic looking but not bad for an old girl!

Of course it was my favorite thing ever,  so I decided to make a re-vamped version or two a few years later.

Then this past year I discovered free download-able graph paper specifically for peyote stitch and I couldn't wait to get started!  As these beads are very tiny and stitched together one by one, I thought I would try two by two-still very time consuming but a bit faster!

This is one of my first attempts at sketching out a more fluid looking design and the results...
They were so cool looking to me! Like nothing I had ever made before!  "Like little paintings" a few people that I showed them to said, what a wonderful compliment! After that I gave my bracelets the title of  My Peyote Masterpieces!

So.......then I wanted to try to make them wider, these are 1.25 inches wide, more of a cuff feeling and my sister was one of my first custom orders, on the left, the chevron pattern on the right was the idea of my brilliant Danavee

Well that just wasn't wide enough! I wanted to try something different, more of a leaf like pattern, it took me 9 1/2 hours to sketch this one out and about 7 hours to stitch, this one is 1.5 inches wide, again advancing to three by three at a time. The result was breathtaking...
I absolutely love making these peyote cuffs and sketching out new designs, maybe because it is one of my oldest techniques, even more so I have fallen in love with the beautiful results....My Peyote Masterpieces!

*Something  I would like to add - these bracelets are hypoallergenic, there is no metal used whatsoever, only tiny Delica Beads and Fireline 6lbs test thread. Perfect for those who are sensitive but still enjoy wearing jewelry!*

Which width and design is your favorite?
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  1. Love the chevron, as you already know!

    I wore TWO of your necklaces this week, by the way!

    1. Oh awesome! Together or at separate times?

  2. They really are beautiful. I see a photograph of mine! I love the last one, hmmm I may need another one.
    I love seeing the sketches and then the actual piece!