Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Few Goals Accomplished...


 Quite a bit has been going on since I last had a chance to post...

On Friday July 19th I had my first live show in many years, here's a quick (and blurry) photo of me and part of my table:
Me & My Booth Set Up  
 I was so looking forward to this event! For months I had prepared; buying a few new displays, table skirt, awesome banner, putting everything that could go on cards with my logo stamped & price tags, printing out signs for other items, and pre-stuffing gift bags with my business cards, Care guideline cards and a loyal customer coupon code (the latter two I print out & cut by hand with my fabulous paper cutter) for future purchases from my Etsy shop....

Unfortunately...this seemed to be more of a "promotional" event rather than a retail/selling event...

Aside from two ladies who bought a hand stamped ring each, two vendors came over and purchased some bracelets....

After my booth fee and mandatory door prize gift I didn't even manage to break even...BUT... this was a huge step for me and my health getting better as I was actually able to make it to the event, stay the entire time (even though it got pretty bad with my Colitis and anxiety for a while) and be around 800+ people.

So I guess God's plan for me wasn't to sell a whole bunch but to just accomplish the goal of being able to do something I've wanted to for years.

With medication I'm quite limited, I lose about 4-5 hours each day, so an all day & early morning events are out of the question for now but I'm hoping that this victory was a sign of things to come!

My next possibility will be at the end of April next year and I'm hoping to be healthier and able to do well there seeing as it is an actual shopping event at a local church called their "Spring Market".

So....another big thing is that Monday July 20th marked 1 year for LITVA'S Jewelry on Etsy!  My first "Etsy-versary"!

I'm having an Anniversary Sale of 30% off THE ENTIRE SHOP (excluding custom stamped rings) AND ladies will receive a FREE GIFT with your order!

Did I mention that I ship internationally???

So pop over to my shop (click on the Etsy button in the right hand margin) and browse around...NOW is the time to get yourself that piece you've been thinking about and a great time to stock up on gifts for friends and family! Happy Shopping! :)



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