Sunday, October 13, 2013

Experimenting With A New Technique


I had mentioned in my last post that I had put down the bead crochet for a while, well there are a few things I haven't had the chance to share yet (since I was so excited about the new wire wrapped pendants) I thought I would share them with you today :)

Just over two years ago it was (I think) that I ordered the instructional kit for beaded crochet from Lydia The Beadwrangler at  I ordered the "Learn Bead Crochet From Scratch", as well as the "Sedona Ridge" kit.  She is also my trusted supplier for my Jean Stitch Thread that I use for my beaded crochet.  

Way back then I had attempted the Sedona Ridge pattern, but wasn't very good with my tension looked horrible!!!  Seeing as I am a perfectionist, I put it down and concentrated on the basic rope technique.  This is the technique I use for all my beaded crochet ropes and beaded crochet bangle bracelets.  

Remember the post about my Vintage Seed Bead purchase?  Well I thought I would try out the Sedona Ridge technique with these special little pretties, but of course I took her instruction and put my own twist on it.

This first rope is the first one I made, using Vintage French seed beads in Opal Violet Rose for my base with Czech seed beads in Pearl White for the tip of the ridge, just to give it a little extra pop!
Vintage French & Czech seed beads Ridged Beaded Crochet Rope Necklace

Detailed Look at Ridged Beaded Crochet Rope

 I know the last pic is a bit blurry, but I think it still shows the detail of the subtle ridge :)

 Now I have seen some beaders getting a similar result by just using larger beads mixed in with smaller beads, some are designed beautifully and others look just a bit too thrown together for me.  That is just my opinion of course :)  This is more of a subtle ridge.

So I loved the result, though I have to say it was difficult to get the hang of it in the beginning, but now I'm looking forward to doing more of these in the future.

Then of course my mind was thinking of how else I could use the technique I had learned....what other looks could I create?  And there was born the idea of the next one, my double ridge rope, just to try it out I thought I would do this one in a solid color, one of my favorites...
Silk Deep Copper Czech Glass Double Ridge Beaded Crochet Rope Necklace

Detailed Look at Double Ridged Beaded Crochet Rope

 I will admit unfortunately the "coolness" of the twisting ridges doesn't translate well in my photography skills, maybe the next one I create will be in a lighter color to help it show the detail a bit more.  This one was WAY more difficult for me, but I am stubborn and wouldn't give up.  I'm so happy with this one, definitely the most time consuming pattern out of the three, but I just think there's something extra special about this one...can you tell I love it??? I know that someone else will love it just as much as I do and when they wear it, it will make them feel a little extra special too :)

Let me know what you think of these two new patterns, I would love some feedback!
Next post I will share some of my adventures in beaded crocheting with both the Vintage French seed beads and the larger Vintage Venetian seed beads...  :)


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