Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Found Myself In The Middle Of A Fiasco!


Well, since I have been feeling better this past while I have been a bit of a bead crochet machine.... I have really been enjoying being able to create again and the ideas for color combinations just keep flowing, so I keep going!

Of course things aren't ever bead spinner machine broke, so I have been stringing everything by hand and  aside from the obvious extra hours involved it has taken a bit of a toll on my hands.  I stretch and try to massage them so I can keep going but I'm thinking I will be ordering another one pretty soon, along with a back up too!

When I started beaded crochet almost two years ago, I was so excited about finding a wonderful use for all my seed beads & the ideas were coming like crazy, I pre-mixed some colors and put them in little zip-lock bags.  I mean I mixed a lot of "soon to be beaded crochet ropes" little bags!  Quite a few of which I have already made and some that I have yet to begin.  Here are a few that have yet to be started;
Neutral Bead Mixes

Colored Bead Mixes

I thought four different lengths would be ideal, not everyone likes long, not everyone likes short and how the necklace drapes is different on everyone.  I use a flexible measuring tape to make sure I am at either 45, 55, 65 or 75 inches. Once I established that I typically would just use a finished necklace that was my desired length to hold up to the one I was working on.  This would show me how far I had left to go.  Also they do stretch a bit when they hang.  

For some reason while I was working on a recent rope I decided to measure with the measuring tape instead of a finished I get to 55" and I'm finished... I sew the ends together into the seamless join... hold it up to another 55" necklace that was already finished's longer!!! 

Wait a minute.... what's going on here???   I use the measuring tape... yup 55", I measure the previous one...50"!!!  How is this possible???  Then I get obsessive and measure all my completed ropes, they are all correct except for the 55" length ones...they are all actually only 50"!  I must have stretched it as I was measuring it and thought I had  reached the goal of 55", I couldn't think of how else this could have possibly happened.  My heart just sank.

I have now found myself in a bit of a pricing on these ropes increases as the inches increase, they are all already listed in my ArtFire studio  as 55"....the thought of false advertisement instantly made me feel horrible, even though I wasn't aware, now that I am I had to go in and change everything immediately!

This is what I decided to do, since I had already long ago decided on the four lengths I would offer for this type of necklace, these would be a "limited edition" length.  I adjusted the price down accordingly and added limited edition to my description.   Here is a pic of my "limited edition" 50 inch length ropes;
Limited Edition 50" Beaded Crochet Rope Necklaces

Now I suppose I need to work on making some more actual 55" necklaces since there is only one at the moment!  
Dusty Rose Pink, Grey & Light Purple 55" Beaded Crochet Rope Necklace

I may just go into using some of the pre-mixed colors that I have, maybe that was the reason I mixed them in the first place... just in case I found myself in a situation just like this!  Funny sometimes how things will work themselves out.   :)

 Have an idea for a color combination? I would love to hear it!

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