Monday, May 13, 2013

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Dreams To Reality


A few weeks ago I was dreaming of using a wire wrapping technique I enjoy with some of my many gemstones to create a necklace, so now I want to share it with you along with a little peek into the actual process of creating it.

  This is my first step, I lay out my beads in a pattern to see how I like the look, I chose Agates and decided to alternate between the large ovals and little nuggets.

Next I decided on gold-plated wire for the wrapping, I like how it brings out the warmth in the Agate.
 And....of course I run into a wire wrap disappears into the hole of the Agate...
 Sometimes Gemstones are not drilled perfectly like this one, so my solution is to try to find a way to either fill up the crooked side or cover it...
 I tried adding a 6/0 Czech glass bead, but it didn't do the trick...
 Then I tried adding a bead cap...success!  Typically I am not a fan of bead caps, sometimes I feel they distract the focus from the Gemstone, but I am stubborn and really wanted to use these particular beads...once I set my mind to something....
And so with the success of the center stone wrapped with the added bead cap, I lay out all my supplies.
I pre-cut my wire for the large and small beads, get a nice pile of bead caps and all the tools I need to complete the wire wrapping....yes I need all six tools, each one for a specific step in the wire wrapping process!
So here we go...
 Here are a few links finished with one in the works.  I continue on along each side until I have used all of the beads I had laid out.
  With this type of technique I like to use a simple lobster clasp for the closure.
And here we have the final result...
Wire Wrapped Agate Necklace
  The finished necklace is 23" long.  Despite the little hiccup in the beginning, I am really happy with the final result!

Of course I couldn't stop there so I made another one...
This time with silver-plated wire, large Berricated Jasper nuggets, Brown Jasper coins and Smaller Picture Jasper round beads.

Wire Wrapped Jasper Necklace
I really love this one!  It's finished length is 25".  I like the simplicity, allowing the different shapes and colors of the Jasper to really take center stage.

So there you have it!  A little glimpse into my process of wire wrapped necklaces!

Would you like a custom necklace?  Here's your chance!

Leave a comment below telling me what colors you like (I will find a Gemstone of that color in my stash, or if you have a specific one in mind let me know) and if you are a gold or silver kinda girl... 

I will select one of your requests, contact you for details (such as length of necklace, to confirm that you like the Gemstones I picked out and your shipping address) and it will be on its way to you!

Just a little way for me to say thank you for taking the time to stop by my little Jewelry Journey blog :)



  1. I have missed you lately. Esp this morning when I trimmed my bangs with my kitchen shears! ;)

  2. Beautiful!! I love blues and greens - silver kinda girl :-)

  3. You did great for a first time! Silver and turquoise are always my style!

  4. My favorite earrings are heart shaped enamel studs and star shaped enamel studs....
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