Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide


With Mother's Day quickly approaching I thought it would be a great time to write a post with some recommendations for a special gift for the most special person in your life :)

 Each mom is different and each has her own unique sense of style.  

Here are a few suggestions that I think would make wonderful unique gifts for that special lady:
Pearl Pendants in Salmon, Olive, Berry and Peacock

For the mom that prefers classic and elegant, I would say that these Wire Wrapped Freshwater Pearl Pendants  are the ideal choice.  They range from 1.25" - 2.5" in length.  They are quite delicate looking, available in many different colors and easily slide onto her favorite chain.

Chunky Gemstone Necklaces in Rose Quartz with Picture Jasper and Sesame Jasper
  If your mom has more of a bold style and would prefer a piece that has a little more "oomph" to it, I would recommend a  Chunky Gemstone Necklace.

Leather Wrap Bracelets in Red Sesame Jasper, Picture Jasper and Czech Glass Beads
For the mom who has a more casual style and prefers a bracelet she will find these Triple Wrap Leather Bracelets comfortable and stylish.

Unique Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelets
 Now if she likes bracelets but enjoys wearing something truly  unique then without doubt the Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelets are definitely for her!  They range from 0.5" - 1.5" wide, lightweight and hypoallergenic (no metal used, just beads and thread!)

Beaded Crochet Rope Necklaces

 For the mom who enjoys a touch of luxury and that one piece that goes with everything, my choice for her would be the Beaded Crochet Rope Necklaces  due to their versatility (they are 45" - 75" in length and can be worn single strand, knotted, doubled etc).  They are something that will last her forever and also can be passed down as an heirloom piece from generation to generation. These are as well hypoallergenic.

 There are some moms that simply enjoy earrings... and I have a few options depending on their style;
Chandelier Earrings with Czech Preciosa Crystal
For an elegant look I think the Chandelier Earrings are the best choice, ranging from 1.25" - 4" long and available in different metals and finishes (silver, gold, antiqued) the Czech Preciosa Crystal sparkles as the light catches them.  

**Take into account the length of her hair; if she has shorter hair or wears it pulled back then a shorter pair of earrings would work well.  If she has longer hair then a longer pair would work better as earrings sometimes get "lost" in the hair and only a portion of them can actually be seen.**
Feather Earrings

For the mom who has an outgoing, fun personality and is a real "Fashionista" the Feather Earrings  are the best bet as there are no rules with these earrings... you wear them with everything from jeans to business to evening, no other accessories required!  (there are many different Feather Earrings in my studio; from 3" - 6", with chain and without, different styles for different tastes)

Cluster Hoop Earrings
 These Cluster Hoop Earrings  are for the mom who enjoys the classic look of a hoop with a touch of flair! Two sizes of 1" or 1.5" (gold or silver) with either Gemstone chips or Czech Glass beads and Freshwater Pearls.

Whether the "mom" in your life is your mom, your sister or your friend, I hope I helped in demystifying the dilemma of  "I don't know what to get her for Mother's Day"


  1. All of your pieces are so beautiful. But I really like those bracelets. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings