Sunday, December 23, 2012



Today I'm looking forwards & backwards you could say...

Looking back it has been a year of learning, experimenting and growth within my Jewelry Journey.  

The year started off with my beaded crochet ropes, learning the technique was a bit tricky, but now I find it to be the most relaxing technique in my repertoire.  The beginning of the year tends to be a bit slower at the salon allowing me more time for jewelry making.  It was definitely needed for the beaded crochet!
 I also continued with my peyote stitched bracelets that I love so much.  I enjoy this technique as it is one of the first I learned when I started beading.  I just love the next step I've come to with designing the patterns and creating these little masterpieces of art!
The ideas for color combinations of the 20 patterns I have already designed and sketched out seem to be limitless.  Just now looking at them to count how many I have, I started having ideas for new pattern designs!

Since I had started with the crocheting, I decided to try something that would be a bit more delicate, there blossomed my Crochet Wear-Alls to be worn as a necklace, bracelet or anklet, I just loved the bohemian look of these and made well over 50 of them, each unique.
Of course there are so many mediums available to work with and since I enjoy creating different looks, I love to change materials and techniques that I am using.  I am a bit obsessive as I've mentioned before, so once I start with an idea I just run with it until I feel the pull to work on something else.  I guess you could say it depends what mood I'm in! 

Wire wrapping has always intrigued me, so after following a tutorial, I was very proud of my new technique!  There are so many possibilities for wire wrapping, but I really like the one I learned utilizing Czech seed beads to frame the gemstones.  Bold, yet delicate and intricate. 
 This is a picture of a pair of earrings that I attempted at the end of last year.  I have wrapped pearls and Czech Preciosa glass on the outside of hoop earrings before and loved the result, but thought, what if I put them all neatly stacked inside of the hoop?... so here is what happened when I tried;
Yes....the date is Christmas Day....they were a gift for my mother-in-law, and I thought I should snap a quick pic before I box them up, I'm so glad I did!  

A problem I have is that when I become consumed with an idea, I forget about everything else for a while!  Just that these earrings seemed to be in the back of my mind all year, I think it just wasn't the right time to dive into them yet...

And of course last but not least... the creation of this blog to have a place to chit-chat about my passion and the launch of my online store so that Litva's Jewelry can reach so many more people!  

Looking forward...I am excited to start making more of these wire wrapped hoop earrings in the next few months, using different metals and different colors of Czech Preciosa glass.  I also have a tutorial online class that I haven't even had a chance to look at yet.  It is as well for wire wrapping and focuses more on a clustered look.  I'm thinking I will use more of my gemstone chips and beads, maybe with a combination of Czech Preciosa glass and also pearls...why not? I think they will be beautiful! 

As well I plan to continue with my Peyote Masterpieces, as soon as I order some more Fireline thread! There are also many more colors of delicas on my inventory wish list! 

The beaded crochet ropes and bracelets won't be disappearing either, I enjoy them too much!

I would really like to use more of my gemstones next year, I have so many waiting to be used to create something stunning....I see many more wire wrapped pendants in the works next year, silk-knotted multi-strand necklaces, but I'm also thinking of other ideas for them too....

I'm so excited for the New Year and what it will bring for my Jewelry Journey! 

I love to create jewelry but I also love that people love my jewelry, enjoy wearing it and I hope that each piece is that special piece that will make someone smile when they wear it.  

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and talk to you again in the New Year!

Until then...I will be busy beading away...



  1. Such incredible pieces! You are so talented! I am so excited to see what you come up with next! So fun that you are using crochet in your creations!


    1. Thank you Rebecca! Let me know what you think of the new style of earrings :)