Sunday, December 9, 2012

That Wonderful Feeling...


Well it has been another exciting couple of weeks!  I was so happy to send out the order to the winner of my giveaway on This Vintage Grove, Molly!
Here is what she chose for herself:

Can I just tell you how fun it was for me to get it all packed up for her!!!  
Here is how cute it looked before it went into the bubble mailer: 
Molly emailed me when she received them and she loves them, that made me so happy!  This wonderful feeling that she will love them every time she puts them on just makes me smile!

I think that is also why I love making jewelry.  Knowing that whoever purchases, or in this case wins a piece of my jewelry, looks forward to wearing it, and hopefully it brings them a smile every time they put it on.  Not to mention the compliments that will follow....I don't mean to sound egotistic! My clients tell me about all the compliments the receive and that is such a wonderful thing to hear! Who doesn't like compliments?

It's really cool knowing that people like my little works of art!  Of course I'm biased and I love everything that I make..... but the fact that other people are drawn to it and love wearing it is the best feeling ever!

My 5th Annual Christmas Jewelry Show was a great success and the time simply flew by!  I love watching as someone browses...then the look on their face when they find THAT piece!  Unfortunately I don't get to experience that when selling online, but I get SO excited when I check my store and there's an order waiting!  And then packing it up!  Then putting the little flag up on my mailbox!  Oooooooo.....I just LOVE it!!!

So the rest of my day will be filled with editing photos and uploading inventory that had its debut at the show, these are some more detailed photos

 These delicate little bracelets are sold in a set of three.  They are Czech Preciosa glass beads hand-knotted on silk and slide to adjust to your wrist.  They can be worn together or separately.
This beautiful Amethyst is wrapped with Czech glass seed beads and silver-plated wire.

 These pendants are free-hand wrapped with silver-plated wire around various colors of Freshwater Pearls.  

Hopefully I will have everything uploaded by tomorrow, so be sure to check out my store on Facebook or at  There are quite a few pieces listed, so I suggest clicking on the Categories button to browse these new additions!

Hoping as you browse, you will get that wonderful feeling of finding that special piece just for you.....or just perfect for someone you know!  I would love to hear which piece gives you that wonderful feeling, we are all unique and I look forward to knowing which ones speak to you :) 



  1. Amazing pieces! I can see why the winner of your giveaway loves them! So beautiful! Love the three glass beaded bracelets!


    1. Thy hank you Rebecca! They are so delicate & cute, I just love them too!

  2. I am so glad Molly loved her pieces! I was excited to see what she picked out!

    1. So was I, I'm so happy she's already worn them & loves them :)

  3. beautiful pieces! love the feather one!

    1. That hank you Katie, I'm a touch obsessed with feathers! I wear a pair everyday :)

  4. Your stuff is great! I am loving the feather earrings!

    1. Thank you Alycia! I like to wear unique pieces, with the exception of stretch bracelets, I never make two of the same anything so each piece is unique in my jewelry line :)