Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Best Day Ever...Part 2 and 3


I have been wanting to write for a few weeks but have been so focused on jewelry that I didn't have a chance!

So last we spoke I had just received my first Etsy Wholesale order....and now I have TWO more under my belt!

I was contacted through my regular Etsy shop for both of these orders... the first was from a fabulous lady who thought my jewelry was beautiful but was especially in love with my feather earrings...but I wasn't planning to add those to my linesheet until 2017... so a few days past and I was still thinking about it quite a bit...why not sell her the earrings I had in stock now? I will continue to make new ones regardless (because I LOVE feathers) and then I thought "why not?"  

So I took photos with my branded packaging for wholesale, created new listings and added them to my linesheet!  I sent the buyer a quick note through Etsy letting her know that feathers were available if she wanted to take a peek....the very next morning (Friday Oct. 28th) she placed an order!  I mean she pretty much cleaned out my inventory! Also in this order were my new style of leather wrap chokers...with feathers :)  I had wanted to do a separate post about those but one thing led to another and the time flew by!  Here is a photo of her "Feather Heaven" order as I like to call it;
Etsy Wholesale order to Cotton Kisses Boutique

The wonderful thing about this order is that everything was already made and ready to ship!  Cotton Kisses Boutique in Corsicana, Texas is now loaded with fabulous feathers!  

I on the other hand am not! So I spent the last few weeks selecting feathers to create new earrings and started putting them together this week, surpassing my previous record and assembled 10 pairs in one day!!! The next day I finished the last two of the pairs that will be on gunmetal and have the remaining 12 pairs that will be on copper...but I overdid it just a touch and my back told me it was done with feathers for at least a few days...disappointing...but then...

My third order came from a wonderful lady organizing a women's event for her church!  We exchanged messages and as always I wrote that if she needed anything at all to let me know....well my phone rang while I was working on clients at the salon so I couldn't answer and had a feeling since I didn't recognize the number it might be her...and it was!  So I called back and we discussed details regarding production time as the event is being held on Dec. 2nd she wanted to make sure everything would be ready in time etc.

It just so happened that my books were clear for Saturday (which is very unusual) so I let her know this was the perfect time to place her order as I could get going on it right away, and a few minutes later she did!  

Now this order is a bit different as she was wanting stamped pieces and had been browsing my retail Etsy shop she asked about my stamped rings (which I do not offer on Etsy Wholesale--mainly because they are not as fast sellers as the cuffs and bar necklaces, they are quite a bit more work and also I do not have a huge inventory of ring blanks to fill large orders) but she was really excited about them and thought her ladies would be I let her know how much inventory I had (after work at the salon) and also thought maybe her ladies might like the wide cuffs I had stamped for the ladies church event here this past Spring that did not sell, here are some photos of those;
Wide Stamped Cuff Bracelets
Wide Stamped Cuff Bracelets
 She loved them and so they were added to her order!  I tried to take a better photo of my packaging this time but I was honestly so pooped out from the past two days this is the best I could do;
Etsy Wholesale order to Community Church for the Women's Event "Relentless"
 I started on the bar necklaces, cuffs and half of the rings yesterday then finished the rings today along with shaping and finishing the cuffs and necklaces.  How did I manage to stamp, shape and finish 28 rings, 26 cuffs and 9 bar necklaces in less than 2 full days?  I have no idea!!!  Well... not completely true...I "pre-hammer" everything ahead of time; meaning that when I don't have any open orders and am not creating something new, I hammer the texture on all of my blanks so that when I receive an order I am able to start stamping right away and fill the order faster. I have always done this for my retail Etsy and thought it would be silly not to have pre-hammered blanks ready for wholesale since the orders would be larger and it just feels more efficient this way.

I am so happy and excited that I can ship everything out tomorrow (two days ahead of my projected ship date)!  I hope the ladies love the pieces and I can't wait to hear how they were received!

So now I am super pooped out... time to watch some of my favorite shows and relax for the rest of the to you soon  :)


  1. Congrats on THREE WHOLESALE ORDERS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Danavee!!! I'm so excited that it takes a while to believe it's really happening! I can't wait for the next one! :)