Sunday, March 17, 2013

Facebook, Instagram & "Staying In The Loop"


First off I would like to say good luck to all those who entered the giveaway on Shanna's blog for the $20 shop credit to my ArtFire studio!  

As I become more comfortable with this whole crazy world of technology I find myself actually enjoying it!  I'm sure the NEW laptop has NOTHING to do with it... I am really enjoying meeting new blogging friends and getting to know doesn't hurt that they are all so wonderful and supportive!  Not to mention the ladies I have worked with are also very supportive of my jewelry, words cannot explain how happy that makes me!  

So now I want to do a "call to action" as it has been explained to me.... 

If you are already a follower of mine, you may or may not have heard that Google reader is shutting down in July.  Some of you have already switched over to follow me with Blog Lovin' and that makes me so excited!  Please feel free to switch to Blog Lovin', if you don't want to set up an account you can use the subscribe to posts on the sidebar or if you would like to follow by email you can do that as well!  (I have no idea how to see if you are following me through email...maybe someone will explain that in the future...)  

For those of you that are "Likers" of my Facebook page...first THANK YOU!!! Second, you may have noticed that I do not typically post during the week, I mainly find the time during my weekend which is Sunday and Monday.  I will mention IS worth it to check in on me during the week from time to time because when I do post a discount code (exclusive to my Facebook Fans) the "sale" will most likely run Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Also as I keep learning all this tech stuff, I will be doing some giveaways of my own here on the blog and on Facebook using rafflecopter.....I'm pretty excited about that!

If by chance you are not yet a Fan of Litva's Jewelry on Facebook....take a little trip over to the sidebar...and click that button baby!!!

Now onto the next order of business....Instagram! SO LOVING INSTAGRAM!  I will admit that I have yet to get into the full swing of things, but I really enjoy scrolling through and seeing all the great pics that people are posting!  As I have mentioned before I do get overwhelmed from time to time and when I first got everything up and running I couldn't seem to keep up with it all and wondered if I bit off more than I could I feel like I am trying to find a good balance, taking my time and doing what feels good, not what feels necessary. 

On that note, I have been asked why I don't post pics of myself on Instagram...the answer is that I was trying to keep the focus on my jewelry.  After discussing it with a few trustworthy people, they have informed me that my suspicions were correct...people do want to see the artist behind the work! You DO want to see the artist behind the work...right?  Hoping that is the case I will post pics of myself on Instagram in the future :)  I will warn you I can be a little... hmmm...what's the word...quirky?!  

Why have I been talking about Facebook and Instagram so much today?  Well I suppose it's because I want to keep you in the loop!  My blog posts are 2 weeks apart and I like that schedule, but Facebook and Instagram are my channels of communication for the time in between :)  In case you didn't notice....there's a cute little button on the sidebar over there that you can click on to follow me on Instagram....

Whew! That was some serious typing!!! Now time for a few pictures :)

Here are a few pics of the different styles of my Cluster Hoop Earrings:

Czech Glass & Freshwater Pearl Cluster Hoop Earrings-1.25"

Moonstone Cluster Hoop Earrings-1.25"

Czech Glass Cluster Hoop Earrings-1"

Czech Glass & Freshwater Pearl Cluster Hoop Earrings-1"

 My plan is to work on getting them all listed in my ArtFire studio this weekend, they will have their own category on the lower right side :)
Over the past few weeks you could say that I have been in a bit of a "zone" with beaded crochet.  I have finished some long rope necklaces over the past few months but I have yet to photograph them....soon I promise :) So for now I will show you my little arsenal of Beaded Crochet Bangle Bracelets!
Beaded Crochet Bangle Bracelets

 These are NOT the ones I have listed in my studio, these are what I have been working on during my days off from the salon and in the evenings as I wind down from time to time.  

I thought I needed some more soft pink (on the far right, top row), then I thought "Well, I have to have some green ones...oooohhhh, I don't really have any turquoise ones...this is a pretty blue... ooooohhh it looks so good with that blue...." (that is exactly how it happens for me, that is literally how fast the ideas come to me, a little peak into my mind).  

So once I finished the last blue one on the far left, top row, I actually came to a standstill!  I was really happy with all of the bright colors and the variety that I now had for clients once I get them listed into the studio.  Then the standstill was over.  "I really don't have any that are neutral... I'm going to mix a few colors with warm browns" resulting in the bottom row.  After working in the same color scheme for a few bracelets in the top row, I welcomed the change of color for each one.  Then I had to decide where I wanted to go it is!
Beaded Crochet Bangle Bracelets
   As you can see I only have three done at the moment.  I plan to work on more colors with black sprinkled in over the next few days...or weeks...we'll see how carried away I get!  Once I feel like I have enough of a variety I will get down to the photography, editing and listing in the studio :)  

So now I have a question for would you like to see these photographed? Do you like them laid out on top of each other? Would you like to see them on a bracelet display? Would you prefer to see them on my wrist?  All of the above? I appreciate your input and value your opinion :)

Stayed tuned on Facebook and Instagram for more updates! 



  1. I think on a wrist would give a good perspective of sizing!

    1. Sounds good! The bracelets are all 7.5" in length, I decided to go with that size as it fit most wrists and they do stretch a bit when you roll them onto your wrist :)

  2. yes! i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the artist behind the work!!

    1. Thanks Molly! I may make a few appearances on Instagram in the future...

  3. love this jewels and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

    1. Ciao Francesca! Gracie! I will visit your blog too:)

  4. love those bracelets and earrings! so gorgeous! <3

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