Monday, February 4, 2013

Big Changes!


Yesterday completely got away from me and I didn't realize it was my regular posting day!  You could say that I have been just a little bit busy this week....

As you know, after many years of making jewelry,  I just transitioned to selling online in September of 2012...well the company I was with is joining another company, therefore shutting down their service, which means my store!!!
I was so sad about this, but started researching other sites, found them quite expensive with their listing fees, and percentage per sale fees, I felt really discouraged until I remembered that through Jewelry Making Journal I had entered a few months ago to win a year membership for ArtFire (nope I didn't win) but I was so happy to remember ArtFire!  They offer a flat rate per month with no additional fees! Brilliant!

So all week, during every spare moment I had (including all day yesterday) I have been uploading pictures, one by one, and transferring all the descriptions to each piece including more information as they required....needless to say I haven't finished yet.  

I have to say their service support team has been SO helpful as have other members of ArtFire!  There are forums that you can participate in (as a seller or buyer) and there was a topic to "Introduce Yourself" so I did a quick little blurb, and had quite a few people respond and welcome me! Not only that but they offered their help as well, since there is so much I still have yet to learn about being an online seller I was so thankful for the advice. What a wonderful group of people, some were other jewelry artists offering tips on how to title each piece, how to optimize your product descriptions, how to get traffic from search engines, I mean WOW!  You typically don't find other artists in your medium who are willing to help, this was so unexpected and very refreshing to know there are people who genuinely want to help you! And trust me...I need a lot of help!

I just love this new space, it is very user friendly, much warmer and more welcoming than the previous set up I had, and much more professional.  I am so excited about my new "studio" on ArtFire!

To say it has been a lot of work...doesn't really cover it...and once I finally do get everything transferred over I then need to work on refining my descriptions for each more work ahead of me, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I am excited for the future of my ArtFire studio!

It would be fabulous if you have a minute to take a quick peak over there and let me know what you think,

I appreciate your time and feedback!


  1. OH this is such good news. I think it's a way better venue for you! I am hopeful that this is a great transition!

    1. Thank you Danavee! I really like it so far :)